Banquets & Conferences

Able to host several different styles of event, including formal dinner, buffet (standing party), theater and school events.

Our banquet rooms, characterized by their highly user-friendly nature and highly attentive customer service, provide a luxury experience to everyone who uses them.

We have seven western-style banquet rooms ranging from small to large, which can be used for a variety of purposes including conferences, celebrations, large-scale conventions and small-scale meetings.

Large banquet hall

With the awesomely spacious 5.7m-high ceiling and accompanying chandelier, this banquet hall leaves a lasting impression.


Medium-sized banquet rooms

We have four medium-sized banquet rooms named: "Shirasagi - White Egret," "Oshidori - Mandarin Duck," Sekirei - Wagtail" and "Uguisu - Nightingale."

They can be utilized in a number of ways, ranging from banquets to conferences and seminars.

  • “Shirasagi”

  • “Oshidori”

  • “Sekirei”

  • “Uguisu”

Small banquet rooms

Our two small banquet rooms are named "Yamadori - Copper Pheasant" and "Tsugumi - Thrush."They can be used for small-scale conferences and dinner parties, or even as waiting rooms.

  • “Yamadori”

  • “Tsugumi”

Points to be aware of when using banquet halls